Dump Bump

Last night I had plans to ride with a couple friends today, but sadly they had to cancel last minute. My plan was to ride out to the dump, do a loop, then ride home again. The road ride felt really slow and hard, and on one of the flat stretches I could feel a weird clunk while pedalling. On the hill climb up Hartland Ave I looked back and noticed my rear quick release was open!  Ooops. Tightening that made a huge difference.


Once I got to the parking lot I happened to bump into some other riding friends out in the parking lots, so in the end all was good! We climbed up skull and I heard someone mention my rear tire looked  a little low. Sure enough it was pretty soft (again explaining why the road portion felt so slow). The trail ride was great, though while climbing some of the trails, I could sure feel the road ride exertion in my quads.


At the end of the ride, someone suggested we stop for coffee, but since I was pressed for time I was about to back out. But then a ride home was offered. Yes please!

Leaking Trillium

I got out for a ride yesterday, and it turned out to be more fun that I was anticipating. I had texted a few guys to see who was up for a chilly morning ride, but in the end it was just me. Getting my bike from the garage I discovered a flat rear tire, which was unexpected given that I have switched to tubeless tires. I inflated it, but could hear air leaking out still. In less than 5 minutes the tire was nearly flat again. I quickly added more Stans reinflated the tire, and tried to get the liquid everywhere inside. That seemed to do the trick and I was off.

Once at the dump I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take. I meandered a bit before deciding on Trillium, then back over to Snakes and Ladders. The route was just what I was looking for.