Model Destroyer

The coolest thing we saw and did last weekend was the model boat show. These models were extremely detailed. I can’t imagine how many hours went into creating them. Elliot was spellbound by them and loved sitting next to the pond watching them drive around in the water. Amy enjoyed them as well, but not to the extent of Elliot.

I had lots of fun with my camera, a polarizer, and some decent lighting to make some interesting shots.

This sailboat was actually wind driven. There was no motor on this one.

This next ship was a model of a Canadian destroyer.  Some cool features: two spinning radar dishes, a Sea King helicopter whose rotor blades could spin, and the turret on the front not only turned, but also had a 35 shot magazine and could fire pellets!

I think my favourite was this aircraft carrier. Very detailed and lots of fun to take pictures of.

This working sub could actually dive below the surface and motor around a bit. I wondered how he controlled it underwater since radio waves don’t travel so well through it.