– Napster –

What are ethics? Who do some people seem to have them, yet others seem to lack them?

For instance, Jan 9, 2001 I downloaded an album off of Napster. It kicked ass. I went out and bought the CD on Jan 10, 2001. Part of it is to support the artist. I just don’t like how some people will download 100’s of songs, some even 1000’s of songs. To me that isn’t ethical. I couldn’t do it.

I think that many people believe Napster is just plain bad. I truly believe that it is all in how you use the service.

I use it to preview bands. I use it to get songs that are rare and hard to find (if I could buy them I would). I use it to preview albums. If I don’t like the music, I delete it. I have some songs that I like, but would never buy the album (very few though).

As long as it isn’t abused, I think that Napster provides an excellent service. I guess that is the problem, Napster is easy to abuse, so many people do. Stupid people.