Cohabitation Celebration

This past Saturday was the Cohabitation Celebration. “She” and I held our first party at our new place. It was a house warming of sorts.

We had a great time, and wish to thank all those that attended. Friends from in and around the city (and across the water) came by, ate, drank, socialized, then went home.

We had decided to make it a true potluck. It was quite fun to see what each person had in store for the rest of us. The amount of food was staggering. There were appies of all sorts, some main dishes (like lasagna, quesadillas and salmon), and a couple of desserts as well. There were no overlaps in what people brought.

The house DJ (me) was starting to do a poor job, so I handed my duties over to the guest DJ for the remainder of the evening. He did an excellent job, mixing up spinning some of my old school wax, and new school plastic.

Thanks again to all who attended.