I am getting stressed out.

And so are the rest of the people “out there”. I admit that I am always amazed at the complete stupidity of drivers out on the roads. From driving too fast, to changing lanes without signaling, to tailgaiting, to being completely clueless.

I have a lot of respect for those that have to deal with these morons of the road. Yes I have respect for bus drivers, couriers, and even taxi drivers.

However, when they start driving moronically, I really get angry.

Lately I have had many incidents with moronic drivers. I think the holidays drive people insane. Todays was with a bus driver.

I was travelling along Douglas towards work, and I was in the left lane doing 50 (like a good little driver). I wanted to be in the right lane, so I slowed to their speed, put on my turn signal, then moved over with plenty of space to spare. I happened to pull in front of a school bus.

The street I wanted to turn off onto was coming up so I put on my turn signal, and started to slow down. I checked my rear view, and noticed that the school bus was rapidly gaining on me. By this time I was braking so my brake lights were on (and my turn signal still on). As I started my turn, the school bus behind me layed on his horn.

Why? Because he is a moron. Either he thought I cut him off earlier, or he wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing in making my turn (more likely).

I hold bus drivers and big rig drivers to a higher standard when it comes to their driving. They have many more people lives in their hands. When something like this happens, all I can do is shake my head and hope they get a good rest over the holidays.