Spam, spam, spam, and more spam, spam, spam.

Spam SuxI have always loathed spam. I think it is despicable, and completely counter to what the Internet used to be. I remember the good old days when backgrounds were grey, text was black, links were blue, and frames didn’t exist. Selling stuff on the Internet at that time was poo-pooed upon. My how times have changed.

And so have spammers. I got some spam this morning. What a gross taste. What got me was their disclaimer: is a respectable firm and is not involved in unsolicited email sending of any kind. Our strict policies forbid any spam activities and you are receiving this email because you, or someone on your behalf have opted-in to one of our online services, or to one of our partners and expressed a direct interest in services of this category. If you would like to unsubscribe your e-mail address from our mailing list, we will do this for you. Please CLICK HERE and type in your e-mail address on the form given to you.

Hmmm, I know I didn’t sign up for their “services”, so that must mean that or someone on my behalf did. Noone that knows me would sign me up. My best guess is that some email harvester got my email address, and on my behalf expressed interest the the spam senders. Like I said, very despicable. To me this is such an obvious way to get around laws preventing spam.

I hate spam.