Ma’ Nature’s Grandeur

I love west coast storms. The power behind them is humbling. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I have walked on a beach during a storm. The pounding surf, the howling wind, the relentless rain. They remind me of how powerful nature is.

It is humbling because no matter how strong you are a good storm can still push you around.

I awoke this morning to an excellent wind storm. Hearing the gusts pick up, hearing them hit the house, feeling the house shake ever so slightly. Amazing. It makes me feel good to be alive.

The rain tends to sting when it hits my face during a good gust. My legs feel really light when there is a tail wind. Walking is such a chore in a good head wind.

Storms are so dynamic, ever changing, chaotic. Maybe that is their appeal.

Doesn’t really matter. I almost always enjoy them.