Weekend Riding.

Nice drop
What a great weekend for riding. I actually managed to get two rides in. This weekend was the first time I had taken my digital camera out on the trails. I have an S30, and I love it. Now that I have taken it on the trails, I love it even more. I bought an Otter Box to keep it nice and safe in my Camelbak.

Saturday I met with Mike B, Shane, Shaun, and Mark. We went up to the Switchbacks, down Southridge, down Green Ribbon a bit, then hit Sofa King. Here are the pictures from the ride.

Sunday was a more mellow ride with Mark (a different Mark than Saturday). I took Yoshi with us and had a great XC ride. I definitely needed that. Before I left for the ride I was a little sore, and was kind of hoping that Mark would call to cancel. Sure enough Mark called. He was going to be a little late due to a flat tire he was fixing 🙂 In the end I was extremely glad that I went out on Sunday. It may have been a little nippy, but the ride was fabulous.

The only downside to the weekend was a very close call. I was almost in a very bad accident. I was driving behind a little white car, and there was a large chevy behind me, then a couple cars behind him. A ways down the road some mountain bikers pop out at the side. When the little white car gets close, one of them darts across the road, but the other one remains at the side.

This white car slammed on their brakes, and stopped in the middle of the road! I then stop as quick as I can. I looked up and the chev was barreling down on me because he hadn’t seen me stop. There was no on coming traffic, and there was a grassy patch on the right. I gunned the gas, steered to the right, and started to drop the clutch. I glanced in the rear view mirror in time to see that the chev had already started to head into the grass. I jammed on the brakes, turn left really hard, and stopped. I looked to the right and saw the chev skating around on the grass throwing mud everywhere. The driver got his truck under control and ended up on a side street. The white car in front of me took off, I followed, and the chev got back on the road behind me. I gave the cyclist that didn’t cross the road a very dirty look, so I hope he gave his friend some shit for his boneheaded maneuver.