seal sputter

seal on the beach seal on the beach beach

I took Yoshi for a walk at Macaulay Point park last night. It was a good walk right before dinner, but on the beach there was the above seal that was in the molting process. there were signs about warning people to stay away, and that the seal was fine. the sign also it’s appearance and breathing patterns may seem like he may be dieing, but that in fact the seal was very healthy. cool! I kept my distance but snapped a few pics.

later on in the walk there was a plane flying overheard. the engine drone is the sort of urban noise that I don’t notice anymore. in an instant there was a large bang, the engine sputtered a bit, then stopped! yikes. the plane started to nose dive, then the engine restarted. phew! scary moment. the plane turned around to head back I guess. a couple minutes later the engine cutout again. no nose dive this time, but the pilot got the engine started and kept on his merry way. certainly made the walk interesting.