suicidal breast slurpee

friday night Sue and I headed to nanaimo to crash at my moms place since saturday we were planning on hitting Mt Washington for a day of sliding down the slopes

saturday morning came early as Yoshi decided that since the sun rises earlier so should he. we had our breaky, then hit $tarbuck$ for some caffeine to go (an americano for him, and a Tazo Chai for her).

heading out on the highway we made good time on our way towards courtenay. the only scare I had was the suicidal robin red breast. yeesh. birds aren’t that bright. maybe this one was depressed/ not sure, but as we were maching along the highway this bird darts from a bush into the front of my grill. I never saw it fly away, but I also never saw any remains. I am not sure what happened to the bird but I hope it gets some help!

washington was fun. the weather was all over the place, and the snow had the consistency of a slurpee. we slid in fog, rain, wind, a touch of sun, and general overcastedness. we hit all areas of the mountain, and I had a great day boarding. I had one wicked bail though. we were trying to cross an untracked field, so I kept my speed up. I hit it, leaned back, and was feeling pretty good. very quickly I hooked an edge (not sure how I did that), then did two complete sommersaults. I left a couple greg sized dents in the snow. when I sat up I felt like I had rung my bell a little. I was a little dizzy, but that quickly passed

also on the hill satruday was the big stupid bike race. imagine a dual slalom race with a few big berms, a gap jump, and a table top to finish. put it on snow. then make the snow really sloppy. people were crashing left right and center. I think that maybe next year I will try it out. 🙂

after we left the hill we went back to nanaimo. mom took me out for my birthday dinner. myself, my mom, my sister, and my sue went to Milano’s on Milton street. they serve italian and grrek cuisine. the location is an old converted house. the food was excellent, the wine was excellent, the company was excellent, and the ambience was excellent.

after that it was a quick jaunt down the island highway and we were home (very late).