thousands of needles poking my arms

that is what it feels like when you are screaming down a hill on a mountain bike with only shorts and a short sleeve jersey on and you are being pelted by hailstones.

sunday saw me riding with mark, hugh, and hugh’s dog digby. yoshi was feeling a little under the weather so he stayed home. when we started the weather seemed fine, if not a little chilly. we started out, and did our normal route in reverse though. we stopped a few times to talk and rest, and I was feeling alright. I realized that I desperately need to get in shape if I want to race at hammerfest again this year.

nearing the end of our ride it started to rain. I wanted to get back to the truck before I got soaked so I picked up my pace a little. by the time I hit the fires road it started hailing big time. I decided to push on and get all the way back to the truck so I could get the pain over with as quickly as I could. it was amazing that the hail started to cover the ground. when I got back to the truck I took some pictures before the hail melted. check them out