Wacky weather day.

Nice dropLet’s see, last night as I climbed into bed, it started to pour rain. That lasted all of 15 minutes. This morning, my truck was an ice cube. The rain was frozen, and I had to chisel it off the windows. The sun was out though.

A few blocks from work I rounded a corner, and nearly burned out my retinas staring into the sun glaring off the road. I grabbed the closest pair of sunglasses that had been in the truck all night. Boom, instant fog. At least there searing pain stopped and I could see where I was driving.

Just a few minutes ago it started to snow. Well, it wasn’t really snow insomuch as it was tiny snowballs. They rolled off awnings, and bounced off cars, but they weren’t as hard as hail. Now? Not sure, but you can check it out for yourself here.