Easter Shower

My Easter long weekend started Wednesday (sort of). Chester, Duncan’s chocolate lab came to stay for the weekend! His parents were heading to Fairmont for the weekend. Yoshi was in love with him, and wouldn’t leave him alone. Poor Chester.

Thursday Sue and I went to an art show on the top floor of Victoria Eaton’s Centre (to be renamed Bay Centre). The local elementary schools had chosen two students from each class to do self portraits. Some of them were great. We were there to see one special one though. Jessica Timmins. Sue has known the Timmins’ for a long time. Again I took a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t posted them to my site yet. We had dinner out at Red Robbins. I had the Banzai Burger! The kids had the Mile High Mud Pie. Very yummy.

Friday Sue and I went for a hike with Yoshi, Chester, Jason, and Cathy at Thetis Lake. We took some trails we had never been on before. It was a pretty cool trail. I took a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t made them web ready yet. I will try to do that tonight. We were out for around two hours. It was a beautiful day out.

Saturday Sue and Yoshi left for Sechelt where her brother was in a dinner theatre play. It sounds like Sue had a good time. Chester and I had a lazy day. I spent most of the day on the couch watching TV, and Chester on his dog bed sleeping. I did get out for an hour or so to look for some new shoes for mountain biking. I didn’t find any, but I did have fun wandering downtown Victoria taking pictures (again they are not web ready). I finally got to see the big blue Johnson St Bridge go up! That was quite a treat. A large Tugboat and barge made their way under. Saturday night I rented The Transporter. It was a decent renter movie. Good action sequences with a thin plot. A good guy movie.

Sunday I was determined not to get stuck on the couch like I did Saturday. I ate breakfast, drank some Starbucks Sumatra then started on the house work. I managed to tidy the family room, the bedroom, the computer room, do 4 loads of laundry, clean the dishes, and fix the bathroom sink all by noon! I was on fire. I knew that if I sat at anytime, I wouldn’t be able to get up. I then got a call from Rhiannon saying that her and Steve were going to have people over to watch the Canucks! Woohoo! I took Chester out for a nice hour long walk right on the ocean. There is a beautiful boardwalk that goes from near my place over to Spinnakers. I didn’t make it to Spinnakers (or I would have stopped for a frosty BEvERage), but instead turned around at the half hour mark. Again it was sunny and warm. A perfect day for a walk on the water. After the walk I had a shower, then it was off to watch the game. I am happy to report that the Canucks won.

Monday I was off to work. I now realize, after typing this all out, that I had a pretty good weekend. I need to process those pics PDQ though. I never did catch up on my sleep. It didn’t help that Chester woke me up Monday at 5:45 am whining because he had to go out and pee. Oh well. At least I can function like a normal human now, and not the Zombie I was last week.