Smoothly Weird

leaded BoxxerLast night I attempted my first ever oil change on my fork. After getting all the tips and tricks from CraigH on MTBR I felt confident that I could do it. The steps seemed easy enough.

I picked up a couple tools to help in the process, and around 9pm started on the job. Everything went very smoothly, and by the time I was done I felt pretty happy with what I had done. Then I decided to hop in the bike and see how it felt. Therein lies the problem. The fork wouldn’t compress at all! Crap, what could I have done wrong?

I reread the steps, and confirmed I followed them exactly. It all seemed so simple. Well after rereading the Boxxer manual I noticed the following little words: with the fork leg fully compressed without springs. Crap. I had set the oil level with the fork uncompressed! I was wondering why it took so much oil to fill. Tonight I will have to attempt to remove a lot of oil from the legs. Smiling

BTW, ever ridden a rigid Boxxer? It is a very weird experience.