Rainstorm Twist

This past Sunday I awoke to a huge rainstorm. I was planning on going for a bike ride, then watching the Freecross race at the dump. Well, the rain cancelled my ride. I was all about to cancel on watching the race when I said to myself “screw it, I am going”. I dressed in my best rain gear, grabbed the umbrella, and headed to the dump.

Am I ever glad I did. The race was super fun to watch, and I stayed mainly dry. Bonus! I took my digital camera, but never brought it out because of the rain. Too bad too. I saw lots of action.

The FreeCross race is basically a downhill race with time bonuses for hitting certain trail features. For example hitting the easiest line give no bonus, but a drop off the side of the trail may give you a bonus of 5 seconds. The rider with the lowest adjusted time wins. This give the rider a strategy to think about while doing his runs. Interesting twist on a simple concept.

Initially I balked at the idea of the race, but after arriving at the dump to watch the race, I wished I had entered it. It really looked like a lot of fun. I will be doing the Hammergest DH race in early May though.