Insistent Dresser

Cats are crazy. This does include our cat Aphro. Yesterday morning she provided more evidence of this. At 5 am I was awoken by a loud scratching noise followed by a thump. I was groggy, and confused so I listened for it again.

It happened again, but this time the scratching was more insistent, and the thump louder. I bolted upright, in time to hear the scratching again, and see the cats head appear behind my dresser. The face disappeared, and the thump followed!

My dresser sits at an angle in a corner. Somehow the cat got herself trapped behind it, and was trying to get out. She was knocking stuff off my dresser, and making a lot of noise. I jumped out of bed, ran to the dresser, just as she leapt one more time, got to the top, and sunk her claws into my nice oak dresser Sad.

I gave her a shove which sent her flailing back to the floor. I moved the dresser away from the wall, she bolted out of the bedroom, and I was left wondering about how my cat got behind the dresser.

Not a very nice way to wake up is it?