Incredible Threepeat

nice carOk, time to rant here. I picked up a half yard of very wet sand for Elizabeth’s sand box today, and while on the way to deliver it, came across a very stupid driver who deserved to have his licence revoked.

Around 5:15 tonight I was driving down Cook St, where it is still two lanes. Traffic was backed up from a light, but had started to move. Dorkwad in front of me waits for another person to turn left. The person turning left cannot go since he can’t see the other lane of traffic. I honk at Dorkwad, he glances up in his rearview, and glares at me, but starts moving. Veeeeery slowly, obviously in an effort to piss me off. Whatever. He was trying to be nice, but he was just holding up traffic, so I honked at him. Instead of holding his ground until the left turner went, he caved and became very immature by trying to piss me off.

Shortly we come to an intersection. The light goes yellow, so Dorkwad jams on his brakes instead of going through the intersection like he should have since he was so close. I see the front of his car dive from jamming on the brakes, but I but never see any tail lights, cuz THEY DON”T WORK.

Remember that sand? Well since he stopped so quickly, I hit my brakes but my truck wasn’t slowing like it normally does. I got a little scare, but luckily I stopped in time.

I sat at the light contemplating whether or not I should go tell him that his tail lights aren’t working. I can see this turning into some kind of road rage incident (him not me, I was laughing at his stupidity and immaturity), so I decided not to. Just before the light went green, I noticed a car seat in the back seat of Dorkwad’s car. Incredible. This guy is stupid and immature, yet has kids. I sincerely hope there weren’t any kids in the car today.

This guy gets Revoked for a threepeat: the stopping in rush hour traffic for someone who can’t turn, the slow starting after the honk, and the lack of tail lights. Sayonara Dorkwad.