Wreaking News

feeling trappedGaaah! What to do, what to do? A bunch of friends and I are supposed to be heading to Penticton to wacth Ironman Canada this weekend. The forest fires in the area are wreaking some major havoc. The course may have to be rerouted, or if the fire danger increases, they may have to cancel! :jawdrop:

:cross: your fingers, watch the news sites, and just hope it all works out (for everyone in the area, not just us). The problem is, do we travel up there and hope the race goes on? Do we not risk having to be evac’d and go elsewhere for a guys weekend? Not sure since we are supposed to leave tomorrow morning. My gut says to just go up there and see what happens. Not my decision though. If we do go, you can bet I will try to take some pictures of the fires.