Doorbell Oakleys

mmmm, half jackets
Yesterday while I was attempting to take a nap, Yoshi started barking and making a lot of noise. I assumed someone was at the door, but I never heard a knock or doorbell.

After the nap I got up and went down stairs. I saw a tag on the front door and realized it was the UPS dude. Dang I missed him! I retrieved the tag and sat on the couch. I then noticed that the tag said the package was left by the front door! Yay!

I ran to the door and sure enough hidden behind a flower pot was a small brown box. I tore into it (carefully), and extracted my shiny new Half Jacket XLJ’s from Oakley Canada. These are replacements for my broken Zeros which had been discontinued. Mmmmm, I love Oakleys. They are soo comfortable and have excellent optics. I am sure these will have a long lifetime with me.