Record Mortgage

eaten away bite by bite
:rant: Why do we as a society let banks get away with what they do? They charge us more and more every year. The service levels drop more and more every year. It seem that every year the banks announce record profits. Anyone see where I am going?

We the people lend banks our money. They use it to invest, and they used to pay us interest each month, sort of as a thank you for using our money. That no longer happens (to me at least). Instead they charge you up the ass for the privledge of lending them your money. They charge you to get access to it. They practically charge you when you think about your money. I am getting sick and tired of it, but I don’t see much of an alternative. Which is the lesser of two evils is not the best mentality when it comes to your financial well being.

A perfect example of why I am upset with banks occurred today. Sue and I have our accounts on the unlimited plan at the Bank of Montreal. We pay for this each month with our service charge. I went to deposit a cheque I received recently. It was a $30 US cheque. They charged me $5 for this service. 🙁

I have an account in good standing. I pay my service charge, and they still have the gall to charge me a :fuck: service charge for depositing a $30 US cheque into my CDN funds account. If I had walked in with $30 US cash I would have walked out with $40.25 CDN. Instead I only get $35.25 CDN. When I inquired about the missing $5 the teller simply stated that the clearing house charge them a fee. I am sure the clearing house charges them a fee, but to me that is their cost of doing business. It isn’t like I deposit US cheques on a regular basis. It is just frustrating.

I have been banking with BMO for quite a few years now, and I know that my account balance is quite puny, but whatever happend to customer service? When time comes to shop for a mortgage you can be sure that I will indeed shop around for better banking.

The more I think about this, the more upset I get, so that is it for now.