Saanich Terminator

burned out
Wow, I feel burned out from this long weekend. Friday night, Suede and I went out for dinner to 5th Street Bar and Grill, then went to the Roxy to see Terminator 3. I was glad to have seen it at the Roxy, and not at a more expensive theatre. It was a decent movie, but it certainly was to T2.

Saturday we headed up to Lake Cowichan for a day in the sun.

Sunday I was supposed to go for a ride, but I was way too tired, and way, way too sore (from wakeboarding) to even think about getting out on the trails. Instead I took it easy and spent a relaxing day at home. I did take Yoshi out for a short walk though.

Monday Suede and I went out to the Saanich Fair. We had a great time checking out the animals, the exhibits, and some of the food! Our favorite exhibit was the photography competition. I wish I had heard about it earlier. As I was checking out some of them I came to the realization that I can take pictures as good as the ones there! I am quite excited about entering next year, so I put my name on the list for more information.

On the way home we stopped and chose some corn from Silver Rill for dinner. Yumm. After dinner we walked down the street to Macaulat Point Park, and took in a play called Lieutenant Nun. It was part of the Fringe Festival. Very fun play. Thanks for the buttons Coreman. Much appreciated.

And here is Tuesday. I am back at work, but still very sore from the wakeboarding. That is always the sign of a good weekend!