Slithering Boogeyman

Mike on a skinny
Getting up at 5 am, does not do a body good. In fact, my body rebels against me whenever I force myself to get up that early. Yesterday was no exception.

I picked up Mike and gang, then bombed out to the ferry. By 9:45 were were on the Seymour Parkway on our way to meet up with some MTBR regulars that I know. I was looking forward to meeting up with PatT and Gregg (Mellow Yellow) who both had come up from Washington state. Other Vancouverites included Tim (rotr no more), JimC, CraigH, and Trevor (006_007).

We headed on up to CBC and prepared for battle.

armour up!

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We lef the truxk and headed down to CBC for some real fun. Woops, I think someone spilled their grease gun on CBC. It was very slick, and soon the Victoria crew was heard letting air out of their tires. Wow, I couldn’t get over how slippery everything was. It was a weird feeling to be slithering over rocks, and down ladder bridges. Quickly though I got in a groove and started to feel some flow down the trail.

We found some small hits, and some log rides.





Trevor (007_007)



On the first run we ended up taking CBC, then Corkscrew to Pingu, then Pangor and down to the parking lot. Loads of fun. While in the parking lot JimC discovered that his shiny bullit needs some new Dual Crown forks, and a new front wheel. Here he is trying them out.



The Victoria crew headed up for a second run and decided to skip CBC. This time around we hit Corkscrew, Pingu, then Boogeyman. We were faster down the trail this time, and it was a lot of fun.

Nearing the bottom, on the double track back to the vehicles, I flatted my front. It was pretty silly, and I am not sure how I did it. After retrieving the my truck from the top I drove the remainder of the Victoria Crew for one last run, while I headed down to get some coffee and a snack.

In all it was a great day. Lots of good riding, and it was good to ride with the Vancouver crew again. I can’t believe how long it had been since I had ridden with PatT and Mellow. Thanks a bunch guys.

The ferry trip home was fun, and there was a great sunset.




It somehow seemed fitting that I spent all my sunlight hours travelling. I left home on the dark, and arrived back home in the dark.