Inconsiderate Clipboard

This Revoked section is a way or me to express my anger over bad drviers. I once had the fantasy that my dream job would be to revoke the licences of the bad drivers thus making it safer for the good drivers.

Yesterday this was taken to a whole new level. Behind VMI is the office for the Airporter. They sometimes use the curb in front of VMI to park.

As I was leaving work on Friday, an Airporter bus pulls up and blocks the driveway, just as I approached it. The driver saw me, but ignored me anyway. He stopped and got out to talk to three of his colleagues. I couldn’t believe he was doing this.

I sat there a couple minutes hoping he would jump back in and take off, but no, the three of them stood there talking, writing on their clipboards and just ignoring me.

I was starting to get very mad. I honked and asked them to move the bus. One of them turned to me and said “go around”. I replied I couldn’t because I can’t see the street. They continued talking. I didn’t feel I could safely pull out onto the street at rush hour, and turn left. Oak St is very busy at that time of day, and where the bus was parked blocked me from seeing a large portion of the oncoming traffic.

I was furious. Some of the passengers were looking at me, then talking, and I really wished I could hear what they were saying. The Airporter drivers swapped a couple passengers from one bus to another, and finally after 10 minutes or so, a driver got into the bus, then left.

I was shaking I was so mad. I was forced to sit there because they were inconsiderate enough to block the driveway of a building that they are not a tenant in. For that I not only revoke their drivers licences, I also revoke their business licence.

I will be calling the police today and see if I can lodge a complaint. It was quite ridiculous.