Digitizer System

yoshi sees a bird
Yesterday I was poking around Future Shock and noticed they had an old Handspring Visor Deluxe for sale for $50! Sue had been talking about getting a PDA recently since her schedule has been so hectic. I thought this PDA would fit the bill perfectly. The downside was that this was an open box item. All that you got for the $50 was the PDA and snap cover. No cradle, software, or stylus.

The stylus and the software are easy to acquire. The cradle is a different story. I wandered up to Staples. What a find! They had a cradle that would work, and it was only $5. I snapped that up, rushed back to Future Shock and bought the PDA.

I was so proud of myself. I got home last night, dropped some batteries in, and was prepared to be amazed.

Amazed I was. The PDA didn’t work! The digitizer was messed up and wasn’t accepting any input at all. :grr:

I tired resetting it, I tried the hard reset. Nothing worked. In the end I had to return the PDA to Future Shock.

It took a long time to work my way through their system, but I insisted they give my money back, and not push me off to their 1-800 number. Anyway, I still need to return the cradle.