95000 Incapacitated Officers

let me out of here!
I am done with the dentist. I was lucky and all they did was a filling (no root canal). True to my thoughts though, I hated the experience. Now I sit here with a frozen face, and I feel gross. I am not allowed to eat anything solid for a few hours, but at least it was painless (for the most part)

As an aside my regular dentist is incapacitated right now. They think it is a herniated disc. Ouch. The fill in dentist was pretty nice and I think did a good job.

In other news I passed 95000 km’s on my truck today. In celebration I booked an appointment for its next servicing.

While on my way home from my appointment, I was driving along Esquimalt Road, and when I rounded the corner with the 30 km/h zone I saw a cop car parked in the middle of the 4 lane road. The officers were standing on either side of the car but weren’t stopping anyone. Weird.