Closest Digital Inventory

I got the point
Do they get the point?

I used FuturePhoto recently, and for the first time I got the pics sent to the closest store (it is only a block away from work). This saved on shipping fees, so that is a bonus.

I get there, and wait for a couple minutes until someone finally comes out to help. I showed him the order number, and he hunts around under the counter for my order. When he finally finds it, he flops a binder down in front of me and asks me to fill out the next row. What?

They have this great piece of software that uploads your prints to their server for printing. Digital images, digital computers, digital software. All digital, yet I still had to fill out my order number, date, name, phone number, and signature.

As I was filling this out I couldn’t help but think that this guy had already handed me the pics (without requiring ID).

A) I could have filled out any old thing I wanted to.

B) Why didn’t they have some sort of digital system set up? You know a computer setup with a scanner, scan the bar code on the package, voila, confirmation done.

So, while I was in the process, I asked the guy why they needed all this info. He stammered and searched for an answer. The best he could come up with is that they needed some sort of way of tracking picked up packages so that they can update their inventory.

Hmmm, perhaps come up with a better system. Something that can’t be easily forged.