Autumn Sticks

handsome happy dog!
Yesterday Sean and I zipped out to the dump for a rip. Great ride. I brought Yoshi along too and boy did he have a great time!

We started around 10:45 and finished around 1:30. It was a much needed, very mellow ride. It was a nearly perfect autumn ride. The air was crisp and cool, the traction excellent, the dust non-existent.

We ascended Skull trail, headed down inventive, up the regular way to the switchbacks. We took various breaks along the way and chatted lots. Our destination was the new boardwalk on South Ridge.

Yoshi was full of piss and vinegar the whole time. He really needed to run, and he took full advantage of it. Even while Sean and I took a break at the top of Hot Cherry, Yoshi was scurrying about playing with sticks and generally being a bit of a pain.

trees in the mist
At times the fog dropped in on us and the temp dropped a little. I could feel teeny tiny droplets of water in the air.

Sean and I talked about how Autumn is our favorite time of year to ride. Typically the trails are in excellent shape, the air is cool enough that wearing armour won’t cause you to overheat, and there aren’t as many people out as there is in the summer. It is the perfect time of year to ride.

When we got to the boardwalk I was quite surprised by the construction of it. It was done very well. The main boardwalk is wide enough for anyone to ride comfortably. The skinny route is quite a challenge! Is it 8 inches wide, except for where there are kinks (they built up the corners). It is also high enough to make me think twice, but not high enough to hurt yourself on. I applaud the addition of traction material, but I actually found it too grippy. The metal traction made it more difficult to turn.

After the ride we stopped at Francelli’s for a coffe and quick bite to eat.

At home I hopped in the shower and cranked up the heat. It felt great!