Injured Barking Elk

good and bad
Sue left today for 10 days of travelling. I am back to my bachelor roots 🙂 It is fun to do for a few days, but I miss her already. After I dropped her off at the airport Yoshi and I met up with Digger and KaptainK for a walk at Elk Lake. It was a fun walk and Yoshi ran LOTS. He has all sorts of pent up energy from his time spent nursing his injured paw. Finally he is allowed to run and run and run.

While we were out, the owner of the house we are renting had stopped by to install some doors on the fireplace. When Yoshi and I got home, before Yoshi had even stepped into the house, he knew something was up and started barking. It startled me since he doesn’t bark that often (usually when he thinks he hears a doorbell or a knock at the door). When I walked in the door I saw some tools and parts on the floor and figured that the owner had taken a break.

Me and Yoshi then went over to Krista’s to help her set up her new website. It isn’t ready yet, or I would have provided a link. We have to wait while the DNS changes get propogated, then we can finish the final setup.