Discharged Listings

longing for better days

I am begining to think that I should rename this site to snottylaces.ca. This cold I acquired last week still haunts me. I must have discharged a gallon of snot by now. I was feeling great this morning, but as the day dragged on my sinuses became more stuffed up. Must have something to do with the weather.

To top it off, I set up the VCR to tape the WRC Rallye De France on Sunday. I sat down to watch it tonight, and after rewinding the tape I discovered that I had started taping halfway through the two hour show! Crap! Before I set up the VCR I checked the channel listings. It showed Speed showing it back to back. For some weird reason, I decided to tape both showings of it (I set the VCR to tape for 4 hours). As it turned out, the last hour of my tape had the first hour of the race, and the first hour of the tape had te last hour of the race. Good race too. I love watching WRC racing.