Unforgiving Register

strange pets
This is my first post about Aphro, our cat.

She has some peculiarites that makes her so adorable.

First off, Aphro. When Sue and I go to bed, Aprho usually ends up sleeping on the bed with us. She is like a little lump of clay that is unforgiving, and can take up copious amounts of bed space. Last night is a perfect example. I woke up in the middle of the night in the middle of the bed, with Sue squished to one side of me. I tried to roll over, but Aphro was sleeping right beside my feet. I gave her a little shove, and she wouldn’t move! :O

Also, with the recent turn of weather, in the morning, when she hears the furnace kick in for the first Aphro has taken to getting out of bed to go sit on the heat register. 😛 She will sit there as long as the furnace blower is going. It is quite cute actually.

When going to bed, as soon as I walk in the bedroom door, Aphro is on the dresser by the door meowing away to get me to play with her. We have this cat toy that is nothing more than bits of cardboard on a piece of wire. If you wiggle it just right, then move towards her with it, you can get her to jump off the bed vertically in the air.

Aphro is quite a cutie!