Smooth Checkout

riding high on the waves

This past weekend was a fun trip to Vancouver. Nothing spectacular, but we got some visiting in, got some shopping in, and got some relaxing in.

The trip over was hell (more on that later), but once we were there, it was smooth sailing.

Saturday we had a brunch with some of Sue’s friends. Afterwards we went out for some shopping at Ikea and Petsmart. We got a variety of things from the former (some Xmassy, and some home essentials), and one item from the latter. Dog food is $10 a bag cheaper there than anywhere in Victoria, so we got 4 bags. The PetsMart checkout guy asked if Yoshi could have a treat, so we said sure. The guy grabs one of the hugest dog cookies I have ever seen. It was almost as big as my PDA (3 inches by 5 inches). Y make quick work of it though. 🙂

Sunday was a little more of a work day. After breakfast we headed out to a nearby farm to pick up some firewood. Y had a great run around the farm. Back at Sue’s mom’s place I helped string some Xmas lights, and answer a few computer related questions.

All too soon we had to head to Tsawassen for the 1 pm ferry. We got home at a reasonable hour, unloaded the truck (including stacking the wood in the pitch dark carport).

It was a nice break from the ordinary.