Hangover Channel

not Richard Burns
I was awoken too early by the dog and I could feel the effects of a hangover from last nights party. Yeuck! Thankfully it is only mild. I got up, made some coffee, and while on the couch scanned the TV Channels. Speed Channel is having a World Rally-Thon! Woohoo! The whole WRC season in one day! I am sitting on the couch writing this up with the TV on in the background. I love WRC racing, and having the whole season in one day is wicked.

I remember them doing this last year and it is a welcome surprise. I missed that last few races of the season this year, so I will get to see them after all. I am going biking at 1, so I will have to tape them, but that is just fine with me! Yay! This makes me happy.

In other racing news, Speed Channel is advertising the next Dakar Rally which starts Saturday. Again, this makes me happy! 🙂 I love rally races. WRC is so fast and crazy. The Dakar is in many spots too, but it is more raw and pure. Plus some of the scenery is so stunning. I love watching the Dakar!