Broad Zoom

photoshopped picture of some Lego

I should not be allowed to have toys that can be upgraded!

Today I went downtown to Broad St Camera’s to pick up a cable release. A simple little $11 item. I thought I would check out their lenses while I was there. I noticed a huuuuge 300 mm that was $949. Yikes. I asked about zoom lenses. All they had was a 28-80 mm. I saw a lens that caught my eye, but the price tag looked a little steep ($350). The clerk told me it was a 135mm. Hmm, that would complement my setup nicely. I asked how much it was, and braced for the worst. $35


I’ll take it.

Now I have a 28mm, a 50mm, and a 135 mm for my Yashica. Nice. I can’t wait to play with it.