Nudging Garlic

nice sunrise in Victoria BC

The weekend trip was good. Friday night we grabbed the 7pm ferry, just barely. We were going to stop and pick up some dinner before getting on the ferry, but after checking out the lineup, we opted to head straight to the ferry. We got very lucky. After us, there was only 4 more cars let on. If we had waited any longer at the restaurant, we would have missed the ferry. The rest of the evening was no big deal.

Yoshi simply cannot sleep in the same bedroom as us. We keep trying it, and he ends up keeping me awake all night. We know that he is more restless if he has access to us. Anyway, Saturday morning I got up at 6 because I just couldn’t sleep any more with a pacing dog nudging my face with a cold wet nose. I got up and read for a bit.

When Sue got up, we headed out for our appointment in Squamish. After that was complete, we zipped back to Vancouver to meet some friends for lunch. We were going to go to the Red Onion, but it was too crowded, so we walked down the street to the Ginger and Garlic. Mmmm, what a feast. The menu situation was a little strange though. They handed out at least 3 different menus to everyone. There was a daily specials menu, a today’s specials menu, their regular menu, and I think one more. Their regular menu had a whole bunch of different sections to it too (Malaysian, Eastern, Western). All the food we ordered was excellent, and it was fun catching up with everyone.

After lunch we headed to Kits beach for a little stroll, and some picture taking too. It was such a beautiful day. I couldn’t believe the amount of people out on the beach in February (apologies to the East Coasters right now).

Next Sue and I headed to Erin’s place to catch up with him and Christine. It was great to catch up with them. Erin and I have the kind of friendship where we may not talk to one another for a while, but when we do get together, we do a total catch up, then repeat. Well, it seems that way to me anyway. Feel free to chime in Erin 🙂 We left Erin’s fairly late and made the trek from Kits all the way back to Langley.

Sunday morning, after sleeping in, I went and did a bit of shopping, including getting a bit more dog food (we save approx $15 a bag by getting it in Langley). Sue and I then visited a friend of hers, the booted out to the ferry.

We thought we were being smart but getting to the ferry terminal at 4:10 for the 5 ferry. As we paid the lady told us that the earliest we will get on is the 6 pm! :O Crap! I sat and read for a while, then I wandered around the terminal taking pictures. When our ferry landed I meandered back to the truck to wait for our turn to load. To the ferry workers credit when there is heavy traffic, they try to cram as many cars on as possible. We were the last ones on the top deck, and to get into my spot I had to squeeze my truck into a space with only a few inches on either side. Thankfully the narrowest spot was the entrance, so once we were parked, there was lots of room to open the doors. I haven’t worked through my pics yet, so expect them later tonight or tomorrow (later for the film ones).