Chomping Detour

Yoshi at Macaulay Point Park

Last night as I left the office I was greeted with a very warm, very pleasant evening sky. I jumped in my truck, rolled down all the windows and revelled in the temperature. Awesome! As I was driving home I decided to take Yoshi to the park for a walk. I knew he would be all over that action!

sailboat silhouette

The walk to the park was nice, but Yoshi was chomping at the bit. He wouldn’t stop pulling the entire way there. Once he was off leash he ran around like a banshee, stopping to sniff and pee on trees, and clumps of grass. The life of a dog is so uncomplicated sometimes!

Later in the walk we came by a group of owners and their dogs. Yoshi sensed something was wrong, and for some weird reason took a large detour around the group while I walked right through it. Strange dog sometimes!

We got home about 40 minutes later, and ready to eat! Both of us were hungry. After Yoshi ate he came upstairs to be close to Sue and I. We discovered him sleeping using my shoes as a pillow. Silly dog!

Yoshi using my shoes as a pillow