Birthday Police

Fort Rodd Hill interior

I am soooo tired right now. With the time change, the early mornings to work, and other stressing events, I am just wrecked right now. Thankfully we get a long weekend very soon.

This is supposed to be more of a weekend report style post, so here it goes.

Friday night was pretty quiet, not much happened.

Saturday morning was my PhotoClub shoot, which was pretty fun. Saturday afternoon Sue and I went shopping. I spent my birthday money on some new clothes! Yay, spiffy new pants, shirts, and shoes. After shopping it was off to Krista’s for some dinner.

Sunday we were back to Krista’s for a birthday brunch/house warming brunch. Yummy! Good food, good friends, good times! Sue and I went for a short car ride out to Keating, then back home for some sleep.

Monday when I got home from work I found a letter from the Victoria Police Department waiting for me. They want me to attend Traffic Court for an accident I witnessed a while ago. Unfortunately they wanted me at 2pm today (thanks for the advance notice), but I have an appointment at 3:30 that I cannot miss. I called the contact number to say I couldn’t make it, but the number in the letter was wrong. I looked up the right number, but the contact on the letter wasn’t working, nor was he working on Tuesday. I really hope he got my message. Not much I can do about it though, and I feel bad.

That brings us all up to today.