Same-day Bistro

birds in a tree

Yesterday was a good day. Simple and understated (much like me).

I went to work like normal. Got a call from my mom, so I talked to her for a few moments. She same-day couriered a gift to me!

At lunch I went to a bike shop to try on new leg armour for biking. Either I have odd body proportions, or bike manufacturers are stupid. I tried on Roach’s new pads. There are three straps that go around the back of the calf. On the size large ones, the top strap was too short to allow the pad to fit properly, but the bottomw two straps were fine. On the XL, the top strap fit perfectly, but the bottom two were too short? WTF? That doesn’t make any sense. Anyway I had to pass on those, but I picked up a new T instead.

When I got home from work I opened the prezzy from mom. Some yummy chocolate from Coombs Country Candy, and some birthday moolah!

Sue and I then went to Blighty’s Bistro for dinner. Mmmmm, always good there.

After dinner I got to open my present from Sue. A very nice shirt, and a shopping trip for a new tool box.

After all that I rang up Coreman and renewed this domain. 1 more year of muddylaces reporting coming at you!

Pretty good day in my books.