Broken Berms

apartment building in James bay

Practice is done, and tomorrow I race. It was a long day of hikng to the top of the course. Long an hot. Yeesh.

In all we did approximately three complete runs, but one of them was broken up a bit. Thankfully tomorrow there will be shuttles in support of the race.

The course is super fun. The top section of the course is pretty long, but it is very new, and therefore, very loose. The couple berms that exist aren’t fully effective yet because there isn’t enough traction to be able to use them. The first section is pretty twisty, a few little drops, and a couple corners that can be race killers. There is one in particular that is a left turn around a stump, that is off-camber, loose, and the edge of the course drops a few inches. One run today I was trying to rail the corner, and my front tire washed out, and my bike got trapped between the stump, and a tree on the outside of the corner. I ran out of the incident, and wasn’t hurt, but it reinforced that I needed to be extra cautious in that corner.

The bottom two sections of the course are extremely fast and flowy. Not touching the brakes there, save for the very last corner. It is a tight left hander with a small 6 inch log drop at the apex. Tricky!

Anyway, I am ready for the race (I think). This time I will be in intermediate, and not beginner.