Diagonal Blocking


This lady takes the cake for aggresive driving.

Sue and I were heading out to the Tsawassen ferry Sunday afternoon. A red light stopped a group of cars, and I was in the left lane. In the right lane there was a mini van, then a chick in a black Honda Civic Sedan.

The light goes green, traffic starts off, we get up to speed. The mini van is a little ahead of me, but I am gaining on it. By this point we are all doing at least 90 km/h, if not more.

Chicky, who is apparently in a big hurry, decides I am not passing fast enough, floors her little 4 cylinder, and does a diagonal pass from the right lane to the left lane between my truck and the mini van. There must have only been a few feet on either end of her vehicle.

I was not impressed, so I honked at her. Sometimes I wish I had installed a large air horn to scare the crap out of people. I could see the chick just shrug as if she didn’t understand why I was laying on the horn.

A little while later there is anothe red light. She is in the left lane with another sedan in the right lane, and just after the light, the right lane ended. When the light goes green, she guns it. The sedan also takes off, and matches her for the most part, but then when she was barely in front on of the sedan, she moves right and cuts him off. Sedan-dude, not liking her so close switches to the left lane. Chicky sees this and starts to move left, but only goes halfway so she ends up straddling the line, and blocking the sedan!

It doesn’t end there though. There is yet another red light. The highway is 4 lanes by this point, so, Chicky does the turn right, cross the sidestreet, jump back on the highway.

As we are all approaching the ferry terminal, I see here once again cut someone off. Then we go to pay to get on the ferry. She pulls up to an empty kiosk. I pull up behind someone (not her), they pull through, I pay by credit card, then take off. She is still paying !!?!? Crazy chick.

Doesn’t end there though.

Once the ferry docks in Victoria, she has totally changed. While driving down the highway, she is doing less than the speed limit, and when stopped at lights she appears to be putting on makeup so that when the light goes green, she doesn’t move, and she holds up traffic.

I just don’t get the crazy antics on the Vancouver side. They certainly didn’t help her. Crazy chick, your licence has just been Revoked!