Low-tech Canadians

voter registration card

Tonight was the big vote. I got out and did my duty shortly after work. Pretty quick and easy, but I kind of laughed over how low-tech the Canadian system is. Well, at least my riding was low tech, I am not sure about all the others. You get a piece of paper. You get a pencil. You put an X beside the name you like. None of those fancy schmancy voting machines, nor punch out ballots. Paper and pencil is perfectly adequate for us Canadians! I still have yet to see who won.

One thing I have learned during this election campain is that I need to learn more about the Canadian political system.

I just realized one very odd thing about my vote though. I walked into the local polling station and presented my voter information card. They directed me to the appropriate table (the number on the back of the card). The ladies at the table marked down my number, then handed me my ballot. I marked the ballot, handed it back, and they tore off a small part of it. At no time did anyone ask for my ID. Very strange. As long as I had the magic card, I was allowed to vote. What if someone had stolen my card from my mailbox? Would they have been able to vote as me?