Pushy Foundation

X marks the charity

Here is a rant that has been brewing for a while. I was pushed over the edge last Thursday night, so here it is.

Telemarketers. Annoying, interrupting, persistent, rude and pushy.

Last night I faced the worst of them. The Canadian Liver Foundation. They called, I answered, the lady started her spiel, and right away I said I had no money to donate right now.

The lady replied that they weren’t looking for a donation right now, and continued talking. As she was babbling away I heard her mention she was looking for $200. Once again, I told her I had no money to donate right now. Again she said she wasn’t looking for money right now, and asked if two weeks from now was better. 😕 No it wasn’t.

I cut her off to tell her that I don’t give money to people over the phone. I despise telemarketers, and refuse to encourage their behaviour by giving them money. She launched into a diatribe on how it was the most effective way of communicating with people (getting into their wallets really). I said again, that I had no money to give.

She relented and asked that if she sent a pledge form for $60 would that be better? Again, “No, I don’t have any money to give you at this time.”

She tried another tactic. This was their 35 year anniversary. Could I spare $35? All together now: “No, I don’t have any money to give you at this time.”

Now she was just getting pushy, so while she was talking I just said, “You interrupted my dinner, and I must get back to it. I am hanging up now.”, and I did.

The stupid part is that as a child I was taught to not be rude. Hanging up on someone while they are talking is rude, and I don’t like to do it, but the telemarketers prey on that. They just keep talking no matter what I say. The only recourse left to me is to hang up. I know that the people I talk to on the phone are just trying to do their job. They may not want that job, and may be doing it because they really need money.

However, I still maintain that I do not give to charities that cold call me trying to hit me up for cash. There is only one charity that I give to, and they did not call me, I pledged money to them. The only other charities I support are Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Canadian Diabetes Society, both of whom pick up clothes. They simply say they have a truck in the area, and want to know if I have something for them to pick up.

Anyway, back to my rant. If I ever were to consider donating to the liver foundation, this eperience has certainly turned me off of them. I vow to never give them money EVER! Too pushy, too annoying, and they have no respect for me.