Rathtrevor Sillines

This long weekend was a lot of fun. A large group of our friends went camping to Rathtrevor in Parksville. Most of us arrived Wednesday evening, only to discover that a campfire ban was going into effect at midnight. At least we got one campfire in.

our allowed campfire

On Thursday, the kids played themselves out,

so tired

and adults set up the camp.

setting up the right way

It was also prep time for dinner. What a fine West Coast feast it was!

mmmm, dinner west coast style

When it was bedtime, not everyone wanted to go to sleep.

who is the kid here?

Friday it was off to the beach.

the dogs leading the way

The dogs played while Little E got busy making us some mud pies.

Yoshi and Digger playing

making mud pies

We even found wildlife on the beach!

Rathtrevor wild life

Rathtrevor wild life

Unfotunately there was a wardrobe malfunction at the beach. 🙁

wardrobe malfunction

Back at camp there was some silliness, some snacks for dogs, and some napping.


 dog snacks

 nap time

All too soon the families had to pack up and go home!

 paking up the kidlets

It was a very fun weekend, but I didn’t relax as much as I have in past camping trips. Something about helping to tend to 3 dogs, 6 kids, and 9 adults that can be a lot of work. Enjoyable, but not necessarily relaxing. I look forward to doing it all again next year!

Other notes from the weekend:

– we could hear the Parksville fireworks from the campground, but couldn’t see any of them at all. we could also hear the crowd cheer after the finale
– some people drive way too fast in a campground that has lots of children.
– kids “sleeping” in tents still need supervision lest they find the makeup bag
digger really does live up to his name
– every kid deserves a wagon. I think every single kid we went camping with enjoyed the little red wagon that K brought with her

All the pics I took are here. There are a lot of them too!