Shower Tomorrow

willow dipping into a pond at Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain
Refreshingly different.
It has been record breaking warm the past few weeks
so the coolness is a nice change.

nice flower

I don’t mind the occasional shower in the summer
I know the sun will return.
Temporary is where it is at, but right now we really
need this moisture.
If nothing else it drives away the annoying Sea Gulls.

flying seagull

The dog doesn’t seem to care if it is raining or not
he always want to run and play.
The cat, indifferent as ever
sits at the window and watches the drops fall.

cat toy stuck to the window

Myself, I don’t mind walking in the summer shower.
It reminds me of who I am; an Islander.
The weather changes often, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.
Change is good though, it keeps you on your toes.

an inchworm standing up

I wonder what is in store for tomorrow?