Chasing Kuuduk

Yoshi and Digger jumping into Lake Cowichan after a ball

What a perfect summer weekend! Friday night we went to the birthday party from the daughters of some friends. Nothing quite like 15-20 6 year olds running around having fun. There were pinatas, movies, hot dogs, cake, ice cream, and more.

Saturday Sue and I stopped in Chemainus to search for treasure, then had an ice cream cone. Then we headed up to JJ’s cabin on Lake Cowichan. Amazing day. The water was really warm, the breeze off the lake light, the beer was cold, the food plentiful, and the company very enjoyable. As soon as we arrived it was time for lunch. Yummy hotdogs. Then we played a game that Sue and I purchased at Starbucks on the way up: Kuuduk. Very fun game. I can’t wait until I figure out some of the strategy involved. After the game Sue and I swam a bit, and soon it was time for dinner. Greek salad, corn on the cob, ribs, and a big pile of crab! Add some excellent fruit flan for dessert, and it was quite a nice summer time feast.

The dogs (Yoshi and Digger) had a grand time chasing each other around, swimming when they felt like it, and jumping off the dock.

Yoshi and Digger swimming in Lake Cowichan

JJ and Digger jumping into Lake Cowichan

As the sun started to set on the day, the warm light led to some spectacular shooting conditions. I took a few shots, and am pretty happy with how they turned out.

My shots from Lake Cowichan are here.

Sunday was a morning for exercise. Sue did a 13 km run with her training group, and I went for a leisurely ride with the guys. Our pace was slow, and our breaks numerous, but it was exactly what we all needed. The temp was stunning too. In the sun it was nicely warm, but in the shade the temp dropped a couple degrees, and it was perfect for riding. Add in a slight breeze every once in a while, and presto, the makings for a nice ride.

This afternoon Sue and I did some grocery shopping, and some house cleaning. Tonight I am not sure, but I know it will be relaxing.