Strange Account

order number 36 is ready!

Hmmm, noticed something strange on the online version of my Mastercard bill last night. One of the charges is for $2 more than it should be.

Last week I stopped at a local pub to get some takeout for lunch. When I paid by Mastercard (since I had no cash), I signed the receipt, and wrote down the total. I was looking through receipts last night and noticed that the charge to my account for the lunch was $2 more than my copy. 😕

So, is it worth my time and effort to try and get it all sorted out with Mastercard?

Do I just let this one slide?

Is it my fault? The reason I think it might be is that my printing is horrible. Maybe the zero I wrote looked like a 2 so that is what was keyed in?

I dunno. I am inclined to let is slide and just say that the guy who took the order got a $2 tip. Part of me is suspicious that maybe he did that on purpose though. A big consideration is that I really hate spending a half hour on the phone with a big company to try and sort out a small error. Hmmm.