Driveway River

will this be our next upgrade?

I feel the need to relate the story of the hole in my front yard. It is a nice hole, but I would rather it get filled. Also, it isn’t a hole that I created.

It started last Friday (Nov 5) when Suede and I came home for lunch. As we were pulling into the driveway I noticed that the grass was really wet, and that the street was a little wet. On closer inspection I saw that some water was flowing up through the ground right beside the end of our driveway.

Hmm, not good.

We called the city, and notified our landlord.

What follows next is quite funny.

Suede took Yoshi for a walk, and when she came home, there was a orange pylon by the end of the driveway.

A little later a Victoria City works truck showed up, and two guys got out and inspected the leak. One of them placed a cell phone call, and all he said was “Yep, there is a leak”. Meanwhile, the other pops off the closest manhole cover, and confirms that he can see water leaking down there too. Then they get in their truck and leave. They told Suede that they should get to it by Wednesday (Nov 10).

At some point in the afternoon our pylon got upgraded from a orange pylon to one of those construction, sandwich board, blinky signs. Wooooo!

Over the weekend the water started to really come out of the leak. It was sending quite a river of water down our road, and into the storm drain. The grass was supersaturated, and the edge of the driveway had no support under it any more.

Tuesday (Nov 9) we came home to a large hole in the front yard, dug right beside the end of the driveway. There are now 4 of the blinky signs, all connected with flagging tape (another upgrade). The hole is about 5 feet long, 2 feet wide, and about 6 feet deep. Really, it is a nice hole, but every day when I drive down my street I have a slight anticipation of what I am going to find. Unfortunately there is still a hole, and there hasn’t been any progress in a while.

There is always tomorrow though.