Restaurant Pictures

colorful leaves

This past weekend some of Suede’s family visited with us. As I mentioned in a previous post Friday we went out to our favorite restaurant, and as usual, it didn’t dissappoint. Well, I quite enjoyed my meal, but Suede and her step-mom were less than ecstatic about their dinner.

misty mountain

Saturday Suede, her step-mom, and I took Yoshi to Matheson Lake and did that jaunt in what seemed like record time. I still found time to take some pictures of the colored leaves. Yoshi of course loved the romp in the woods. The neat thing about that walk, like so many surrounding Victoria, is that you don’t see anyone else there. When we got to the parking lot there were no other vehicles, and when we were finished, there was one other vehicle there. Very nice considering it is about a 15-20 minute drive from our home.

colorful leaves

After the walk, we stopped for some food at My Chosen Cafe, then headed home to get cleaned up. Lovely start to the day.