Automatic Mistakes

Don’t mess with someone if it works. I try to take that to heart.

This morning Suede and I entered our usual $starbucks for our Friday drinks. After ordering I noticed they had gotten a new espresso machine. It is one of the automatic machines that all the Barista needs to do is add beans to the top. The machine, grinds them, tamps them, then makes the espresso shot. The old machine the Barista measured out the epresso, tamped it themselves, then extracted the shot. More labour intensive for sure, and more prone to mistakes. I can see why they went to the new machine.

Unfortunately for me the Americano’s from these machines taste nothing like the ones from the labour intensive machines. The flavours are more watered down, and the drink isn’t as hot.

To top it off, Suede just MSN’d me to mention that the muffins we get from our usual Friday morning breakfast spot are not the ones we ordered. We asked for Raspberry, and we received Cranberry. Bad start to our Friday.