Approached Incredulously

Fort Rodd Hill Lighthouse

Last Saturday when I drove Suede to the airport, I experienced yet another instance of moronic driving. To be fair, it was an older gentleman driving, but still, his inattentiveness could have killed someone.

It was still early, and very dark out. As I approached the airport, the speed zone on the highway was 90 km/h. Of course I was doing something close to that, but I was in the left lane since the left turn lane was opening soon. As I was nearing the left turn lane, said gentleman moves over from the right lane to the left lane. No big deal, he was doing 80 km/h (maybe a bit less). I figured he was also going to the airport.

As I was slowing, the left turn lane opened, and I moved over into it. I expected the other driver to do the same. I was wrong. Halfway down the left turn lane (now that the lane marker line was solid) he puts his left turn signal on. Again I figured he would move over, and again I was wrong. As we approached the left run lane’s stop line, he hadn’t moved over. I left plenty of room in front of me so he could get over, but this guy stopped dead on the highway! Incredulously I watched this guy in the left lane of the highway, with his lef turn blinker on. If anyone came up on him at 90 km/h they wouldn’t have much time to change lanes or stop. I honked a few times, but there was no recognition. I honked longer, and he made a half hearted attempt a changing lanes. Now he was half inthe left turn lane, half on the highway.

Suede suggested I just move up to the sensor and trip the left turn light. As I crept forward, the guy also moved over a little more. Thankfully the left turn signal went green before anything bad could happen. I did everything I could to indicate to the other guy that they were wrong. Thankfully it was very early on a Saturday morning, and not many people were out driving yet. It could have been a very messy situation.