Dwindling Afternoon

Vacation update. The days are dwindling!

Last time I mentioned we watched the parade. Since then there has been a bunch of things happen. We did a bunch of things around town, including a nice walk with J, L, and C at Elk Lake.

Then we went to Vancouver. We were there for 4 days, and had a (busy) fun time. We went to one brunch where there was 8 kids there, and 7 adults. Once Sprout got warmed up he had a great time. We didn’t leave that one until 2:30, so we ended up letting Sprout skip his nap. Waking him after a short nap results in a grumpy bear that we didn’t really want to deal with.

The next day it was another brunch with some more friends and their 2 daughters. I think Sprout had a great time there playing in the sandbox and the pool.

Then on the 26th, we went from Langley in to Stanley Park to visit the Aquarium. We spent a couple hours there, and Sprout definitely had fun. His favorite was the scuba diver in the big tank, closely followed by the beluga whales.

We came home that day. I did some grocery shopping on Tuesday while Sprout was at daycare, then Wednesday Sox took the kids to a friends while I did some things on the computer. I also had an Ulti game last night.

Today we drove up to Duncan and saw the Forestry Centre there. We rode the train (the highlight) and poked around the grounds a little bit. Finished there we ate lunch in the car on the way to Nanaimo where Sprout is having a sleepover at Gramma’s for a couple days. Yes, Sox and I only have 1 child until Sunday. We drove back to Victoria late in the afternoon, and had a leisurely dinner in front of the TV.